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Why the name Gospel of Light?   The reason is simple -- i.e., what few people today realize is the fact that the purpose of our Gospels is to be a universal guide book for the disciples of TheWay to enter the Kingdom of God.   As detailed on the web site http://GateOfEden.com , the teachings of both the Jewish holy men and mystics, as well as Yeshua (Jesus) and his original Nazirene Ebionite disciples, was to bring about that condition where the Kingdom of God would manifest in the life of the disciple.   Thus, it was for this reason that the writings of the Jewish Mystics, as well as the Hasidic Rebbis, all warn that the Torah and other Old Testament scriptures have a deeper meaning that is not apparent to the student of the written word: "Thus the tales related in the Torah are simply her outer garments, and woe to the man who regards that outer garb as the Torah itself, for such a man will be deprived of portion in the next world" (See No Jew Has Read The Torah) -- and the same is true with respect to the inner meaning of the Gospels (see The Christian Secret Doctrine).   Such qualities as faith and belief in a truly spiritual religion have more to do with one's willingness to submit their lives to an adherence to the teachings and practices which are intended to bring about the spiritual transformation of the disciple.   Thus, Paul had a far more extreme lifestyle than the ritual practice of the Law when he commanded: "Put to death, therefore, whatever belongs to your earthly nature" (Col 3:5 NIV).  And it was this process of spiritual transfomation that modern Jews and Christians have today become totally alienated from that Paul had in mind when he spoke of the necessity to "…beat my body and make it my slave..." (1 Cor 9:27 NIV).   Even Yeshua warned that "But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment" (Matt 12:36 KJV).   


Each of us has the ability to prove our religious beliefs -- and we possess this inborn power, because God has bestowed it upon us as His Creation in His Image and Likeness.   And if you truly desire to prove your beliefs, and to enter beyond the veil of the Holy of Holies of the Temple built without the hands of men that is within you, then you will begin the journey in TheWay by putting the concepts of the Gospel of the Nazirenes to work in your daily life.   And while both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible are good, they both have been corrupted (see The Orthodox Corruption of The Scriptures), and the Gospel of the Nazirenes contains many teachings and spiritual concepts that are necessary to open the "narrow door" to the Kingdom within (Luke 17:20-21), and permit the disciple to gain entrance to the True Temple of God.    



The Gospel of the Nazirenes


What did the scriptures of TheWay look like before they underwent a massive editing and re-write by the Church of Rome?  Did you know that the followers of Yeshua (Jesus) did not believe he was God?  Did you know that the beliefs of the people of TheWay parallels those of Jewish Mysticism?  They believed in the pre-existent soul that evolves to perfection over the course of many lives.  They embraced the concept that the Fifth Commandment that states: Thou Shalt Not Kill, is applicable to not only all people, but also the animal kingdom which is portrayed as our lesser brothers.  The followers of Yeshua were Torah Observant -- but not in the manner of the Sadducees and Pharisees whose carnal blindness caused them to see only the literal written word of the Torah -- but rather, they were Torah Observant on all three levels of being (physical, soul and spirit -- see The Law).  In fact, it will come as a shock to most Jews and Christians today once they begin to realize that Yeshua did not condemn the Sadducees and Pharisees for any other reason than they sought only to fulfill the Torah physically, and failed to be Torah Observant in soul/mind and spirit.  Moreover, the Gospel of the Nazirenes demonstrates that the sin of the historical Judas was seen in the fact that he attempted to bring about the conditions where Yeshua would fulfill the Messianic prophesies and inaugurate the Kingdom upon the earth -- failing to realize that the Kingdom can never come upon the earth, because it is within us (Luke 17:20-21).  Thus, the sin of Judas is exactly the same as the sin of the majority of Jews and Christians today who look for the Messiah to come in the world, rather than within them. 


This On-Line Translation

Differences Between The Three

What the reader is presented with here on this web site is a synthesis of the original Gospel of the Holy Twelve which was published in 1870 --  with comparisons to the later edition which was published in 1998 -- in conjunction with my own corrections and commentary added to the text through hyperlink.      You can purchase a copy of the 1998 translation by clicking on the image of the Gospel on the right.

Introduction: Click to read the history and about the Gospel of the Nazirenes.

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Introduction: Click to read the history and about the Gospel of the Nazirenes.




1 The Parentage and Conception of John the Baptist

2 The Immaculate Conception of Yeshua the Messiah

3 The Nativity of John the Baptist.

4 The Nativity of Yeshua the Messiah.

5 The Manifestation of Yeshua to the Magi

6 Childhood and Youth of Yeshua.

7 The Preaching of John the Baptist.

8 The Baptism of Yeshua the Messiah

9 The Four Temptations  

10 Joseph and Mary Make a Feast Unto Yeshua. Andrew and Peter Find Yeshua.

11 The Anointing by Mary Magdalene

12 The Marriage in Cana

13 His First Sermon in the Synagogue

14 The Calling of Andrew and Peter.

15 Healing of the Leper. the Man with the Palsy.

16 Calling of Matthew. The New Wine in the Old Bottles.                                              

17 Yeshua Sends Forth the Twelve

18 The Sending of the Two and Seventy

19 Yeshua Teaches Concerning Prayer

20 The Return of the Two and Seventy

21 Yeshua Rebukes Cruelty to a Horse

22 The Restoration of Iairus' Daughter

23 Yeshua and the Samaritan Woman

24 Yeshua Denounces Cruelty. He Heals the Sick and Casts Out Devils.

25 The Sermon on the Mount (part I)   

26 The Sermon on the Mount (part II)

27 The Sermon on the Mount (part III)

28 Yeshua Releases the Rabbits and Pigeons

29 The Feeding of the Five Thousand. Healing of the Sick

30 The Bread of Life and the Living Vine (Part 1).

31 The Bread of Life and the Living Vine. Yeshua Rebukes the Thoughtless Driver.

32 God the Food and Drink of All

33 The Shedding of Blood of Others Is No Remission of Sins.

34 Love of Yeshua for All Creatures

35 The Good Law. Mary and Martha

36 The Woman Taken in Adultery

37 The Re-Generation of the Soul

38 Yeshua Condemns the Ill-Treatment of Animals

39 Seven Parables of the Kingdom of Heaven

40 Yeshua Expounds His Inner Teaching to the Twelve

41 Yeshua Gives Liberty to the Caged Birds.

42 Yeshua Teaches Concerning Marriage.

43 Teaches Concerning the Riches of this World, Washing of Hands and Unclean Meats.   

44 The Confession of the Twelve

45 Seeking for Signs. The Unclean Spirit  

46 The Transfiguration on the Mount. The Giving of the Law  

47 The Spirit Gives Life. The Rich Man and the Beggar

48 Feeds One Thousand with Five Melons. Heals the Withered Hand on Sabbath Day.

49 The True Temple of God.

50 Messiah the Light of the World

51 The Truth Makes Free

52 He Declares His Pre-Existence

53 Yeshua Heals the Blind on the Sabbath

54 Resurrection in the Spirit. The Importance of All

55 Messiah the Good Shepherd. One with the Father

56 The Raising of Lazarus

57 Concerning Little Children. Forgiveness of Those Who Trespass. Parable of the Fishes.

58 Divine Love to the Repentant

59 Yeshua Teaches His Disciples. He Finds Zacchæs.

60 Yeshua Rebukes Hypocrisy

61 Yeshua Foretells the End of the Cycle

62 The Parable of the Ten Virgins

63 Parable of the Talents

64 Yeshua Teaches in the Palm Circle

65 The Last Anointing by Mary Magdalene

66 Yeshua Again Teaches His Disciples

67 Entry Into Jerusalem

68 The Householder and the Husbandmen

69 The Messiah Within, the Resurrection and the Life

70 Yeshua Rebukes Peter for His Haste

71 The Cleansing of the Temple

72 The Many Mansions in the One House

73 The True Vine

74 Yeshua Foretells Persecutions

75 The Last Paschal Supper

76 The Washing of the Feet. New Commandment. The Eucharistic Oblation.

77 The Agony in the Garden

78 The Betrayal by Judas Iscariot

79 The Hebrew Trial before Caiaphas

80 The Penance of Judas

81 The Roman Trial Before Pilate

82 The Crucifixion

83 The Burial of Yeshua

84 The Resurrection of Yeshua

85 Yeshua Risen Again Appears to Two at Emmaus

86 Yeshua Appears in the temple and Blood Sacrifices Cease

87 Yeshua Appears to His Disciples

88 The Eighth Day After the Resurrection

89 Yeshua Appears at the Sea of Galilee  

90 What is Truth   

91 The Order of the Kingdom (part 1)

92 The Order of the Kingdom (part 2)  

93 The Order of the Kingdom (part 3)

94 The Order of the Kingdom (part 4)

95 The Ascension

96 Pouring Out of the spirit  





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